Tuesday, 17 December 2013

21 Tips for Mental Wellness


I enjoy avoiding headaches pertaining to human interaction at all costs. These are some points that I have tried to live by to attain emotional wellness.

  1.  INTENT is one of the most important things I've ever learned about. If you are negatively affected by somebody’s action, try to discover their motives behind it. If the person in question had no intention of harming you, address the situation to avoid having it happen in the future. If the person’s action can only be defined as a malicious one, fuck dat noise; you’d best drop that B like a bad habit

  2. Talk about it. Whatever it is. You are not dealing with Miss Cleo. You cannot resolve an issue that has never been openly discussed.

  3. Never speak out of anger. Take the necessary amount of time needed to collect your thoughts and reflect before you address a situation. This way you avoid saying shitty things and furthering this conflict. 


  4. Be honest. It feels REALLY good. Also, it’s wayyyyyy easier to keep track of your stories.


  5.  Never keep anger in your heart – it’s a poison. From a young age my father taught me this notion.  Holding grudges, being angry, talking shit ….it’s all suchhhhhh a waste of time. I believe that if you have to consciously remind yourself that you are upset with somebody, it is time to get over it and put that energy toward something positive. 


  6. Don’t make a triangle”. This is something my mother encouraged. If there is a conflict that concerns two people, for the love of god, DO NOT GET INVOLVED. More often than not, one of the parties will turn on you and then YOU become the asshole.

  7.  Be kind. If you know you can possibly do something to put even a fraction of a smile on somebody’s face, whether it be opening your home to them or something as minute as gifting them dope goodies from your hometown, do it. It feels good.

  8.   Don’t get taken advantage of. With respect to the above statement, you will come into contact with people who will exploit your good deeds. Put your foot down, bro.

  9. Give people the time of day. Everybody needs a friend.

  10. An unhealthy relationship is an unhealthy relationship. It's the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to a person who you love, but sometimes its for the greater good.

  11. Put yourself in an uncomfortable and/or challenging situation and see how you grow

  12. Try to be patient with people. They're trying the best they can...

  13. You get treated how you ALLOW yourself to get treated.

  14.  Stop trying to justify his or her behavior. He wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll make you his girlfriend. She bought Louboutins on your credit card because “they were sparkly”. You take abuse because someone is having a bad day. A shitty person is a shitty person is a shitty person... 

  15. Treat people how you want to be treated. Just because you CAN, doesn't always mean you SHOULD. Use your powers for good. We’re trying to have a civilization here.

  16. Don't let pride get in your way of asking for help or admitting that you are wrong.

  17. Give less of a shit about what people think about you and avoid those who bring out the worst in you. The feeling of  cognitive dissonance is not one I like to visit. It's never a good feeling to keep your guard up or feel like your inner asshole has been evoked. Yes, it's nice to be accepted by the masses, but realize that you may be compromising your ideals and values for people who are not worth it.


  18. Try your hardest not to gossip. Its one thing to discuss somebody, but something totally different when it comes to speaking badly about somebody. You also look really shitty when it comes to bite you in the ass.

  19.  Don’t gossip about yourself. If you do not want people to know something about you, keep it to yourself.

  20. Don't put unrealistic expectations on anyone because you're the one who is going to end up being upset. 

  21. LEARN from your experiences. Otherwise, you will never grow as a human being and all that heartache, pain and overall ickyness was incurred in vain.



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